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28 August, 12:50

Cells are able to remove large amounts of material using A) ectocytosis. B) exocytosis. C) phagocytosis. D) pinocytosis.

Answers (2)
  1. 28 August, 14:05
    Exocytosis (a process by which the contents of a cell vacuole are released to the exterior through fusion of the vacuole membrane with the cell membrane.)
  2. 28 August, 14:30
    The correct option is B.

    Exocytosis is the process by which cells remove wastes and other materials from the interior of the cells and release them to the outside of the cells. In unicellular organisms, the waste materials are usually collected inside the vacuole. When the cell is ready to release the waste to the outside, the vacuole will fuse with the cell membrane and release the content of the vacuole to the outside of the cell.
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