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30 March, 19:00

Which of these is part of a virus's structure?

A.) genetic material

B.) capsid

C.) protein unit

D.) pili

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  1. 30 March, 20:12
    Genetic material, capsid, protein unit are all parts of a virus's structure.


    Structurally, a virus is composed of three main units - the nucleic acid genome, a protein unit or covering called capsid, and a lipid layer.

    The nucleic acid genome consists of the DNA and the RNA, both of which stores the genetic information. When a virus enters a host's body, it reprograms the host based on the genetic information stored in this genome molecule.

    The genomes are protectively placed inside a capsule called protein shells called capsid. The shapes of a viral capsid may be helical (like tobacco mosaic virus) or icosahedral (like polio virus). Many polypeptides unite to form the protomers or the capsomers of the capsid.

    When a virus is covered by a lipid layer it gains an envelope-like structure.

    When a virus is complete with all these essential structures, it is called as virion.

    Pili are microfilamentous structures present in bacteria.
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