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22 April, 12:54

Which of these factors is associated with sustainable farming?

A. Pesticide resistance

B. Drip irrigation

C. Overly irrigated soil

D. Intensive farming

Answers (2)
  1. 22 April, 13:35
    Answer: B. Drip irrigation


    Sustainable agriculture or farming can be defined as the ability of the judicious use of the land area, soil, and water for the growth of healthy crops in such a manner that these resources will remain available to grow plants in the future as well.

    Drip irrigation is a factor which is directly associated with the sustainable farming. This is because of the fact that the drip irrigation involves the use of pipes and tubes which goes directly into the underground channels of soil which provide water to the underground root system. This method prevents the excess use of water for irrigation and hence prevents the wastage of water.
  2. 22 April, 14:07
    B. drip irrigation because it will water the plants with less water
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