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26 August, 01:17

How does the body controls puberty

A) The nervous produces gametes

B) The endocrine system produces hormones

C) The circulatory system produces proteins

D) the respiratory system produces a uterus

Answers (2)
  1. 26 August, 02:39
    B) The endocrine system produces hormones


    Puberty is the period of the development of secondary sexual characteristics such as the production of gametes in sex organs of both male and female, male facial hair growth and female breast development and beginning of menstruation in females. The development of secondary sexual character is under control of sex hormones produced by testes in males and ovary in females. Though testes and ovary produce gametes, they also function as endocrine glands and produce sex hormones. The main male sex hormones are testosterone and androgen, and the female sex hormones are estrogen and estradiol.
  2. 26 August, 02:53
    I think it's B because hormones are a huge factor of puberty
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