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19 July, 09:43

A specific virus always infects Choose one: A. The number of species depends on the virus. B. a wide range of species. C. only a single species. D. a small number of closely related species in the same genus.

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  1. 19 July, 10:35
    Species B and C
  2. 19 July, 10:36
    The correct answer is A. The number of species depends on the virus


    All the viruses are intracellular parasites which means they have to find their host in which they can live and reproduce. All viruses can only infect a certain number of species which depends on the virus.

    In hosts like mammals, they infect only specific types of cells which are also dependent on virus type. They inject their genetic material in host cells and takes control of host cell machinery by ligating its genetic material in the host genome. So the correct answer is A.
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