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24 December, 05:17

Imagine you are an astronomer who recently discovered a new planet orbiting a distant star.

Which set of characteristics would you use to classify this planet as an inner or terrestrial planet? Check all that apply.

dense and solid

very large

thick atmosphere containing hydrogen and helium

lacking a solid surface

located near a star

Answers (2)
  1. 24 December, 05:53
    The chief features of an inner or terrestrial planet is that most of them are dense and gas a solid surface and is somewhat close to a star.


    The planets that are mostly composed of either rocks or metals and has a hard surface along with a heavy metallic core is considered as Terrestrial planet. We have four this type of planet in our solar system that is near to the biggest star Sun.

    These planets are - Earth, Venus, Mars and Mercury. Almost all of them have a dense and solid surface. IAU defined these planets as planets that orbits the sun. So, keeping in mind these features of a planet I can identify the newly found planet as terrestrial or not.
  2. 24 December, 07:06
    A and D on edge aka firstand last option
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