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16 December, 21:12

Which bile components contributes to digestion?

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  1. 16 December, 22:04
    Bile salts


    Bile salts are the most abundant components of the bile and play an important part in the maintenance and composition of the micellar structure of the bile.

    They are polarized steroids that play an important part in intestinal fat absorption. In the intestine, bile salts role are essential surfactants used tin fats that are dietary in the gut. (hydrophilic milieu)

    From cholesterol Bile salts are synthesized in the hepatocytes.
  2. 16 December, 22:19
    Bile salts.


    Bile salts known as steriod acid are essentially made of bile acids that are joined in pairs with glycine or taurine. They are primarily produced in the liver, directly from cholesterol. They are an essential component of bile that digest dietary fats in the small intestine.
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