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21 December, 10:45

A client is admitted to the birthing suite in early active labor. Which nursing action takes priority during the admission process?

a. Auscultating the fetal heart

b. Obtaining an obstetric history

c. Determining when the last meal was eaten

d. Ascertaining whether the membranes have ruptured

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  1. 21 December, 12:23
    Auscultating the fetal heart.


    The labor is divided into the three main stages - latent labor, active labor and transition. The early active labor do not signifies the good health of both the mother and baby.

    The early active labor can also cause the premature death of the baby. The client if admitted with such condition, the auscultation of the fetal heart can be done. This allows the listening of the proper heart, lungs and other body parts of the baby and determine its health.

    Thus, the correct answer is option (a).
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