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17 April, 15:53

Which of the following is a e?

a. Aa

b. aa

d. AA

e. all of the above are examples of homozygotes

e. only b. and c. are examples of homozygotes

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  1. 17 April, 17:41
    Answer: f. only b. and c. are examples of homozygotes


    Diploid cells (all non-reproductive cells) have two copies of each gene, called alleles, one obtained from the father and one from the mother. In genetics, an organism is a homozygote for a gene if both alleles are the same. In contrast, heterozygotes have different alleles for the same gen.

    Genes are represented with a letter, and you can differentiate between alleles if the letter is uppercase or lowercase.

    For example, if you wanted to represent the gene that encodes a flower color, you could call A the 'red' version of it and a the 'blue' version of it. A plant would be homozygote for that gen if it had the same version for both alleles, AA or aa.
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