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13 December, 07:28

you're floating motionless on a rubber raft in the middle of a pool a friend forms of wave by slapping the water very second will the wave carry you to the edge of the pool explain your answer

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  1. 13 December, 07:36
    When the rubber raft is in the middle of the of a pool. Consider it as the initial position of the raft. When the friend forms of wave by slapping the water will make the raft move upward as soon as it reaches the rubber raft The wave will actually transfer the energy into the raft making it move upward The wave will pass making the raft move to its initial position As it is mentioned in the question that the raft is motionless it will return to its original position where it was before the wave hits it

    Hence, the wave will not carry it to the edge of the pool.
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