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29 March, 06:09

A treatment for ingrown nails is to remove the nail and apply a chemical such as phenol to the cells of the nail mattix, which kills the cells. What effect will killing the cell of the nail matrix have on the nail? Explain

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  1. 29 March, 07:28
    Injection of phenol to the matrix prevents regrowth of the nail causing the severe ingrown nail.


    An ingrown toenail usually develops when the nail plate's position in the lateral nail groove is altered. Most common factors include incorrect cutting of nails, poor foot hygiene, excess external pressure, and inappropriate footwear.

    Matrix phenolisation, also known as partial matrixectomy, involves applying 88% liquefied phenol (distilled water as solvent) to the lateral matrix after removing the altered nail segment. Concentrated phenol is known to have antiseptic and escharotic activities. It prevents regeneration of the matrix by denaturing of its contents and soft tissue proteins.
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