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11 December, 07:16

Following vaginal birth, a neonate has a large area of diffuse swelling over the left occiput that crosses the sagittal suture line. When discussing this finding with the neonate's parents, which statements by a nurse are accurate?

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1. "No treatment will be required to resolve swelling."

2. "Due to the swelling, hyperbilirubinemia may occur."

3. "The swelling lies above the periosteum that covers the skull bone."

4. "Pressure on the fetal head before delivery caused the swelling."

5. "Your infant has a collection of blood under the skull bone."

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  1. 11 December, 08:06
    Answer: Option 1,3 and option 4


    The new born child or neonate has swelling in the left occiput that crrosses the sagittal surture line requires no treatment.

    But there is no need for being tensed as parents and there is no need for the treatment because the swelling lies there because of the pressure on the fetal head that is caused due to delivery.

    There is no need of medication it will be normal after sometime and due to this swelling hyperbilirubinemia may also occur which is normal and will be okay after the swelling is gone.
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