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20 July, 20:46

Match the following. 1. A plant that completes its life cycle within a year's time monocotyledon 2. A seed leaf cotyledon 3. A flowering plant with seeds having two seed leaves dicotyledon 4. A food storage tissue annual 5. A running down entropy 6. A flowering plant with seeds having one seed leaf endosperm

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  1. 20 July, 21:20

    2. Cotyledon

    3. dicotyledon

    4. endosperm

    5. entropy

    6. monocotyledon


    Annual crops are crops that mature or complete their life cycle within one year examples include maize, tomato, vegetables

    Cotyledon - they are leaves that are formed in embryo. The young seedling

    Dicotyledon - are plant having two seed leaves example is cowpea

    Monocotyledon are plant with one seed leaf e. g Maize, grains

    Entropy - is the rate of disorderliness or a decline.

    Endosperm - Is the food reserve for developing embryo.
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