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2 February, 18:23

What cause-and-effect relationship do these headlines suggest?


Number of


Immigrants on the



Senator Proposes

Limits on Health

Care for



A. As the number of undocumented immigrants rises, their right to

due process becomes clearer.

B. A rise in undocumented immigrants has resulted in more health

problems for legal immigrants.

C. An increase in undocumented immigrants is resulting in attempts

to deprive them of their civil rights.

D. An increased awareness of undocumented immigrants has

expanded attempts to protect their civil liberties.

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  1. 2 February, 19:12
    The answer is letter C.


    The question above is asking for the cause-and-effect relationship of the statement. Among the choices, letter C best describes the relationship.

    Cause: The number of undocumented immigrants increased.

    Effect: Senator proposes Limits on Health Care for Undocumented Workers.

    "Undocumented immigrants" are people who live in a country without registering as a citizen. This means that their status is unclear, since they are not registered. Being an undocumented immigrant means that the person does not possess the legal rights of a U. S. citizen (if he's staying in the USA). So, this will result in the Senator proposing a limit on their health care. This means that they cannot enjoy the benefits of having full access to health care.
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