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7 November, 12:28

To replace burned skin, doctors can successfully transplant replacement skin taken from another part of the body of the burn victim. Which statement best explains why the transplanted skin is not rejected? (1) The transplanted skin is damaged, makingthe immune system nonfunctional. (2) The antigens of the replacement skin are the same as those of the damaged skin. (3) Burn victims lose so much blood that white blood cells cannot cause an immune response. (4) There is no blood supply to the skin, so mixing of antigens does not occur.

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  1. 7 November, 12:34
    Option (2).


    Skin may be defined as the largest organ of the body. Skin provides the first line of defense in the organisms. The skin secretes different enzymes and chemicals that kill the pathogens.

    The patient with the burned skin are more susceptible to the pathogen and has weakened immune system. To cover the burned skin surface, skin can be taken from the other body parts as the skin has the same property and shows the same antigen as the replaced skin.

    Thus, the correct answer is option (2).
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