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19 June, 22:43

Studies of cricket Malpighian tubules revealed that potassium ions accumulated inside the tubule, moving against the potassium concentration gradient. How would you expect the movement of water to be influenced by the distribution of potassium ions/A) Water would be forced out of the lumen of the Malpighian tubules through an osmotic gradient.

B) The potassium gradient would have no effect on water movement.

C) There would be a net movement of water into the lumen of the tubules.

D) Water would be conserved, forming a hypertonic solution in the Malpighian tubules.

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  1. 19 June, 22:59
    The correct answer is (C)


    The movement of water to be influenced by the distribution of potassium ions: There would be a net movement of water into the lumen of the tubules. Osmoregulatory and Excretory type of system is seen in Malpighian tubule system. The malpighian system is present in Tardigrades, Arachnids, Myriapods, Insects. The malpighian system is made up of Branching tubules. Branching tubules absorbs water, wastes, solutes from the surrounding hemolymph.
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