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18 June, 13:46

What are advantages and disadvantages of a sexual reproduction? What are advantages and disadvantages of asexual reproduction?

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  1. 18 June, 14:23
    The advantages are that youll have a baby and the disadvantage is that you have to take care for it ...
  2. 18 June, 14:26
    The advantages of asexual reproduction are that all favorable genetics are passed on to offspring and the favorable genetics will remain in the gene pool. The disadvantage is that the unfavorable genes / mutations will be passed on. The advantages of sexual reproduction are that the mutations can be diluted if the individual mates with another individual who lacks the mutation and if a virus or bacteria is killing off a species not all of the species will die because there is diversity in our genetics. The disadvantages are that mutations may be passed on if two individuals share that gene, favorable genes could be broken down, and it's ultimately less efficient in passing on genes.
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