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14 December, 12:58

What is the impact on human health as we try to stay ahead of the evolutionary process?

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  1. 14 December, 14:18
    The impact on the human health as we try to stay ahead of the evolutionary process is actually very bad. It is a fact that the humans are living much longer nowadays than ever before, with the main reasons for that being the well developed medicine and healthcare, much better standard of living, and having less riskier jobs. On the other hand, the human health, without being treated, is actually at an all time low. The immune system is much weaker than it has been, with the main reason being the isolation of the outside world and the higher level of hygiene. The allergies are becoming an ever growing problem because of this, as the immune system doesn't even recognize certain outside bodies are they an enemies or not. The constant radiation for numerous sources has caused development of numerous diseases. The old age has increased the percentage of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson, or sclerosis. The less active life-style and food over saturated with fats and sugars has caused numerous health problems as well. All in all, the human health has become dependent on the pharmacy and its products, and without it it will suffer badly.
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