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19 February, 09:07

What do the testes and ovaries produce to develop male and female characteristics?

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  1. 19 February, 09:20
    Testes and ovaries produce two types of hormones:

    androgens (male sex hormones)

    estrogens (female full hormones)

    In each type of gland, both types of hormones are secreted only in different amounts: the ovaries secrete more estrogen than the androgen hormones, and the sperm inversely.


    In testicular tissue, Leydig cells produce androgen hormones: androsterone and testosterone. The ovaries produce a group of estrogen hormones and progesterone. These hormones exert their effect at puberty when the glands are activated. At puberty, the pituitary gonadostimulins activate the sex glands, whose activity leads to the development of secondary sex characteristics (the appearance of first menstruation in girls, beards and mustaches in boys, etc.).
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