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10 June, 19:49

The major function of the cell wall is to Choose one: A. serve as a rigid barrier to prevent cell lysis. B. serve as a barrier to prevent entry of molecules into the cytoplasm. C. allow for bacterial motility. D. constrain bacterial cell growth.

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  1. 10 June, 19:56
    A. serve as a rigid barrier to prevent cell lysis


    The presence of a cell wall is a characteristic feature of the bacteria. The cell wall surrounds the bacterial cell membrane and is composed of the peptidoglycan molecule or murein (unique molecule present in only bacteria).

    The cell wall performs many functions in the bacteria like in the transport of molecules, protects the cell and the most important feature is that it prevents the rupture of the bacterial cell from the osmotic lysis. As the bacteria moves from one environment to another, the water move into the cell will cause the cell to lysis but the presence of the cell wall prevents the cell from the lysis.

    Thus, Option-A is the correct answer.
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