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20 July, 16:21

What is unique about the members of the group of fungi to which Penicillium notatum belongs? They are not important for medicine. They are not made up of hyphae. They are used in fermentation. They lost the reproductive phase.

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  1. 20 July, 16:53
    They are not made up of Hyphae


    They are majorly used for medicine, and they have to reproduce to be effective, and it's mold, so it ferments
  2. 20 July, 17:19
    The correct answer is - they are not made-up of hyphae.


    Penicillin notatum is a member of fungi and penicillin genus. These fungi are present on salted foods, inside the house in damp parts mostly.

    These fungi are not made up of hyphae. Hyphae are filamentous branches that form fungi body in other fungi groups. On this genus its more of like bush or brush.

    Thus, the correct answer is option - they are not made up of hyphae.
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