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7 March, 06:21

What is the difference between a claim and scientific claim?

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  1. 7 March, 06:54
    A claim refers to an assert or state that something is the case, generally without any proof or evidence. It can also be defined as a proclamation of the truth of something, generally one, which is in doubt or is uncertain.

    On the other hand, a scientific claim refers to a statement about the outcomes of the experiment, which is supported by proofs collected at the time of experiment and reasoning that illustrates that how the proof is associated with the claim.
  2. 7 March, 07:47
    Answer:Claim: A claim is a statement which is given with out any proof or support, just to describe something on the bases of some doubts. It can also be defined as the proclamation of truth. It is not supported by any proof. Scientific claim. Scientific claims are usually a statement describing any scientific phenomenon on the basis of any experiment. It is supported by experimental proofs. It is usually a conclusion made by results of experiments.
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