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4 February, 20:36

How would you microscopically distinguish a eudicot stem from a monocot stem?

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  1. 4 February, 21:07
    Monocots have a lot of grain in their vascular bundle that is scattered and eudicots have a more organized ring arrangement.


    Monocots have one cotyledon in seed, having root xylem and phloem in a ring. Moreover, their Vascular bundles are scattered in the stem, their Leaf veins form a parallel pattern. And flower parts are in threes or multiples of threes. On the Other hand, Eudicots have cotyledons in seed and their Root phloem is between arms of xylem. Their Vascular bundles are formed in distinct rings with Leaf veins form a net pattern. Moreover, flower parts are in fours or fives and their multiples.
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