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26 January, 01:08

Ruben has a new puppy named Paddington and wants to feed him the best possible food. Hedecides on an experiment where he will feed Paddington the very best canned food plus a dietarysupplement of vitamins recommended by a veterinarian. Which of the following best describesRuben's project? A) This is an example of an excellent, controlled experiment as it is written. B) Ruben needs to take careful measurements of Paddington's weight and height at least once aweek for it to be a good experiment. C) This is not an experiment-there are no controls or replicates. D) Ruben needs to control for the amount of exercise, sunshine, water, and care that Paddingtongets each week, so that they are equal from week to week. E) Ruben needs to use his mother's 6-year-old chocolate Sharpei named Scout to feed astandard diet so he can compare Paddington to a control dog.

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  1. 26 January, 03:05
    Answer: C). This is not an experiment-there are no controls or replicates.


    For an ideal experiment there must be the use of variables, and controls samples. A variable can be independent which means the effect of this variable will be seen over the other variable like test variable. A control sample is the one which is used as a standard benchmark for comparison with the variables being tested upon.

    The experimental procedure must be repeated a number of times so as to obtain a concordant data which can be used for concluding results.

    The given situation is not an example of experiment. Here, the two variables canned food and dietary supplement of vitamins have been used but no control variable is used to check the effect of food on the puppy also the feeding frequency is not mentioned.
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