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23 July, 22:45

Which property of a star is closely related to its temperature?





Answers (2)
  1. 23 July, 23:31
    color is a correct answer.


    The color of a star is closely related to its temperature.

    The color of the star varies from yellow to red and bluish to white due to its temperature. Star emits light of many different wavelengths. when the star is hotter it is blue and the temperature is high and star emits radiation of blue or white color of the electromagnetic spectrum. When the star is cooler than color is red because the temperature is low and it emits radiation of red color of the electromagnetic color spectrum.

    Thus color of a star is related to its temperature.
  2. 24 July, 00:23
    Answer:The closest related to its temperature is the Mass

    Explanation:The single most important property that determines other properties of the star.
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