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30 August, 19:03

Q. 1. Fourteen people became ill after eating pie that had been highly contaminated with Salmonella enteritidis. Several of the victims were hospitalized, and a man in his forties, who was otherwise in good health, died as a result of the foodborne illness.

In this outbreak, cream and custard pies were made using ingredients from shell eggs. The pies were baked in a restaurant bakery and were stored for 2 ½ hours in a walk-in cooler before being transported in the trunk of a car to a private company. The pies were consumed three to six hours later. Leftover pie was consumed later that evening and the next day after having been kept unrefrigerated for as long as 21 hours.

What conditions may have promoted bacterial growth?

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  1. 30 August, 19:55
    The suitable environmental conditions like nutrients, water, PH and temperature promote the bacterial growth on pies.


    According to the ingredients of pies, they include eggs, milk, water and sugars. Hence they are very nutrient enrich for the bacterial growth like there are proteins, carbohydrates and lipids in the pies.

    And the given temperature conditions are optimum temperature condition for higher bacterial growth.

    And in pies, there are small spaces through which air can easily pass. So the oxygen supply is also favorable for growth.
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