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11 October, 21:22

A 5 year old female spayed dachshund is admitted to the emergency room after blood work shows a PCV of 14%. Based on her physical exam and remaining blood work, she is diagnosed with regenerative anemia. Which of the following would least likely appear on her blood smear?

A. Reticulocytes

B. Eosinophils

C. Band neutrophils

D. Metarubricytes

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  1. 11 October, 21:58


    Regenerative anemia may be defined as the medical condition in which the number of RBCs decreases. The less number of RBCs causes the more production of WBCs.

    The patient shows PCV of 14% and shows regenerative anemia. The number of WBCs increases but the eosinophils numbers remain low as compared with other white blood cells. The eosinophils remains persistent in the blood.

    Thus, the correct answer is option (B).
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