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25 December, 07:07

Although naeem has no genital sensations, he is capable of an erection if his genitals are stimulated. Naeem's situation is most indicative of a:

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  1. 25 December, 08:00
    Naeem's condition is most indicative of a severed spinal cord.

    A spinal cord injury refers to the destruction of the spinal cord, which results in permanent or temporary modifications in its activity. The signs may involve the loss of sensation, loss of muscle function, or loss or autonomic function in the segments of the body served by the spinal cord below the injury level.

    In case, when the spinal cord is totally severed, all the movement and feeling beneath the injury level is instantly cut off. The spinal cord would not get heal on its own and can't be repaired by the surgeons. However, the nerves that provide the movement and feeling in the arms and legs, that is, the peripheral nerves can be repaired.
  2. 25 December, 08:10
    The correct answer is - severed spinal cord.


    Severed spinal cord injury occurs due to the injury or accident that leads to the complete spinal cord damage. Spinal cord establishes the communication between the body and brain but due to the injury it cuts the communication. All function related to the motor and sensory neurons stops due to this condition.

    Naeem must have severed the spinal cord as he is not able to feel or sense the genital area which is paraplegic. This also leads to paralysis in severe cases.

    Thus, the correct answer is - severed spinal cord.
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