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Amoeba Sister/Video Recap:Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle Answers?

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    A cycle is a sequence of events that are repeated.

    The nitrogen and carbon cycles are very complex, and fall into the category called biogeochemical cycles.

    There is a relationship between the chemical processes that take place in the different media; Hydrosphere, Atmosphere and Soil.

    Bigeochemical cycle: The movement of massive quantities of elements such as carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, hydrogen, calcium, among others, is called the bigeochemical cycle. All these elements are found among living beings and in the environment, through a series of production and decomposition processes.

     Oxygen cycle

     Carbon cycle

     Nitrogen cycle

     Phosphorus cycle

     Sulfur cycle

     Water cycle

    Certain actions of humans are causing changes in the nitrogen cycle and in the amount of nitrogen that is stored in the earth, water, air and organisms.

    Excessive use of nitrogen-rich fertilizers can reach streams and wells, it can also add too much nitrogen to plants and they begin to develop too quickly, deplete supplies and die.

    The number of animals that eat plants will increase when the supply of plants increases, and they run out of food when the plants die.
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