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9 December, 15:25

2. The following statement is similar to those you might see on exams. Write a paragraph of 3-5 sentences describing 1) whether the statement is correct or incorrect and 2) the reasoning for your answer. Your answer should demonstrate your understanding of the physiological concepts underlying the statement and be written professionally. Muscle tension in cardiac contractile muscle can be increased by temporal summation.

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  1. 9 December, 16:58
    This statement is incorrect.


    This statement is not correct due to the fact that the action potential in a cardiac muscle has a phase called plateau where the action potential is longer than in a skeletal muscle and a temporal summation that increases muscle tension can not occur. In the cardiac muscle the duration of the action potential is similar to the the duration of the contraction, which will not allow the temporal summation as in the case of the skeletal muscle. In skeletal muscles if the frequency of stimulation is increased the tension is increased. If the increase in frequency is very high individual twitch will be summed and merge in one singular tension reaching a maximum stable tension called tetanus.
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