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27 August, 19:20

A woman who is a hemophilic has a normal daughter. What is the daughter's genotype?

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  1. 27 August, 20:53
    Answer: The daughter's genotype is XhX

    Explanation: Hemophilia is an X-linked disease, the allele for hemophilia is usually borne on the X chromosome. Women are mostly carriers but in rare cases are hemophilic if the two X chromosomes are affected. Men are sufferers because they have only one X chromosome. The allele for hemophilia is denoted as h. A woman who is hemophilic will have a genotype of XhXh. A normal daughter from a hemophilic mother will have a genotype of XhX because she inherited one affected X chromosome from the mother and one normal X chromosome from the father. The girl is heterozygous for the allele, therefore she will manifest outwardly as a normal individual.
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