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7 November, 07:29

What is a likely evolutionary advantage of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction?

Sexual reproduction involves fewer steps.

There is a lower chance of using up the resources in a given environment.

Sexual reproduction results in variation in the offspring.

Sexual reproduction is more cost-effective.

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  1. 7 November, 08:51
    Sexual reproduction results in variation in the offspring.


    Sexual reproduction is the process of production of progeny by gamete formation and fusion of gametes. Gamete formation by meiosis adds new gene combinations in the gametes by the processes of crossing over and independent segregation of paternal and maternal chromosomes. The random fusion of these gametes further adds variations to the progeny.

    All these genetic variations present in the progeny of sexual reproduction serves as raw material for natural selection. The beneficial genetic variations impart survival and reproductive advantage to the individuals and are favored by natural selection. Over the generations, the process of natural selection of these beneficial variations leads to macro or microevolution.
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