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14 October, 07:23

What reasons can you think of for living near a volcano? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

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  1. 14 October, 07:35


    i think is a big.

    Disadvantages: during a volcanic eruption earthquakes happen, and tsunamis may be created. Also, if it is a volcanic island, the island may be destroyed, and there is no escape. Lava flow - these are very slow moving, but destructive as they cannot be stopped and they set fire to everything in their path.
  2. 14 October, 09:18


    In short, the main things that attract people to live near active volcanoes are minerals, geothermal energy, fertile soils and tourism. Magna rising from deep inside the earth contains a range of minerals. What do we mean by 'the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?' This question simply asks you to consider and discuss both the positive and the negative sides of an issue, then decide which 'side' you believe is more important.
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