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23 August, 05:10

You are studying a protein that you call Protein X. There is an aspartic acid at a key position in Protein X which is important in the folding and stabilization of that protein. If this aspartic acid is changed to a different amino acid, which type of amino acid substitutions is most likely to allow the protein to fold normally?

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  1. 23 August, 05:39
    The same type of amino acid, means acidic amino acid substitution will leads to normal folding.

    The amino acid will be glutamic acid.

    Explanation: Sometimes the amino acids of the same type substitution leads to normal proteins. As the acidic group of aspartic acid is responsible for the folding of the protein. So if the amino acid is substituted by glutamic acid, it will not leads to any abnormal protein folding. Because glutamic acid also has a acidic group which is responsible for folding of protein.
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