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9 December, 05:40

What is the role of hemoglobin in the body? to transport oxygen to slow down reactions to provide structural support to speed up reactions

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  1. 9 December, 06:51
    To transport oxygen.


    Hemoglobin is the protein made of two alpha and beta sub units. The iron is present in hemoglobin for its proper function. The hemoglobin is present in the red blood cells.

    The main role of the hemoglobin is the transport of gases inside the cells. The oxygen combines with hemoglobin to form oxy hemoglobin that transport oxygen inside the cells and tissues. The carbon dioxide is also transported by binding with hemoglobin.]

    Thus, the correct answer is option (1).
  2. 9 December, 07:22
    Hemoglobin is the oxygen transporting protein of red blood cells. It carry oxygen and transport it throughout the body via blood circulation.

    Hemoglobin : is a globular protein with quaternary structure. Hemoglobin consists of four polypeptide subunits; 2 alpha chains and two beta chains.

    States of hemoglobin:

    Hemoglobin exists in two different states: the T-state and the R-state.

    T-state : of hemoglobin is the Tense condition, in this state hemoglobin is in deoxy form (meaning that it lacks an oxygen species or carry no oxygen) and is also called deoxyhemoglobin.

    R-state: of hemoglobin is more Relaxed condition because it is the fully oxygenated form; it is also called oxyhemoglobin.

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