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8 June, 16:49

In humans, hemophilia is caused by an X-linked recessive gene. A woman who is a nonbleeder - that is, she does not display the blood-clotting irregularities associated with hemophilia - had a father who was a hemophiliac.

She marries a nonbleeder, and they plan to have children.

Calculate the probability of hemophilia in the female and male offspring.

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  1. 8 June, 18:19
    one normal girl

    One normal boy

    One carrier girl

    One colour blind boy


    Haemophilia is a sex linked feature as it is transmitted with the chromosomes determining sex.

    In humans, the male has XY and the female has XX. the Y chromosome is usually genetically empty. so as mall received his Y chromosomes from his father, he cannot inherit his father's sex linked traits. but women can as they receive and X chromosomes from their fathers. so a cross between a carrier woman Cc and a normal man C result in;




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