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Create a Punnett square to solve the following sex-linked inheritance problem (remember to use the sand

ss a male who does not have hemophilia with a woman who does hoy

Hemophilia is a sex-linked recessive trait. Cross a male who does not have hemophilia with

hemophilia. What is the probability of the following:

Male children with hemophilia:

Male children without hemophilia:

Female children with hemophilia:

Female children that are carriers for hemophilia:

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    Answer AND Explanation:

    Let H represent gene for normal blood clotting and h for haemophilia.

    XH Y

    Xh XHXh XhY

    Xh XhXH XhY

    Male children with hemophilia: 50%

    Male children without hemophilia: 0 %

    Female children with hemophilia: 0%

    Female children that are carriers for hemophilia: 50%
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