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14 April, 10:15

Question 7: What might be some implications of Robert Hazen's experiments and research? Cite evidence from the text to support your answer.

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  1. 14 April, 11:10
    Robert Hazen's studied enviromental and biological processes that might have been critical for life, and also for the formation of approximately two-thirds of Earth's mineral species (see Hazen et al., 2008; Gonzalez & Richards 2020).


    Hazen provided evidence about how first organic molecules were generated on the primitive earth millions of years ago. He observed that high-pressure hydrothermal vents may provide food for underwater ecosystems. It represents a piece of critical evidence on the origin of life.

    You can read these articles that are certainly clarifying in the description of his experiments and discoveries:

    1 - Hazen, R. M., Papineau, D., Bleeker, W., Downs, R. T., Ferry, J. M., McCoy, T. J., ... & Yang, H. (2008). Mineral evolution. American Mineralogist, 93 (11-12), 1693-1720.

    2 - Gonzalez, G., & Richards, J. W. (2020). The privileged planet: how our place in the cosmos is designed for discovery. Gateway Editions.
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