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27 August, 20:45

Which mutation could be passed on to future generations?

a. A gene change in a liver cell

b. Cancer caused by excessive exposure to the sun

c. A chromosomal alteration during gamete formation

d. Random breakage of a chromosome in a leaf cell of a maple tree

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  1. 27 August, 21:47


    In order for a mutation to be passed down to future generations, it needs to happen in the gametes.

    A is not possible because it's the liver cell is a somatic cell and thus it wont be possible for it to get passed to the next generations.

    B is not possible because it's an environmental change to a somatic cell.

    D isn't possible for the very same reason. It's not occurring in a gamete.

    Why is that so? It's because the gametes directly affect the genotype of the next generation. But somatic cells have no effect at all since those mutations are usually caused by the environment and can be avoided by the generations to come.
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