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Define environment. Distinguish among environmental science, ecology, and environmentalism. Distinguish between an organism and a species. What is an ecosystem? What is sustainability? Explain the terms natural capital, natural resources, natural services, solar capital, and natural capital degradation. What is nutrient cycling and why is it important? Describe the ultimate goal of an environmentally sustainable society. What is natural income?

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  1. 23 July, 19:22
    Environment - It is the sum total of our surroundings and the conditions prevailing in it. It comprises of the physical, chemical and biotic and abiotic factors.

    Environmental science - It majorly focuses on how humans can utilize the resources and how their actions affect the environment whereas,

    Ecology - It is simply the study of the interactions between biotic with the abiotic factors and the surroundings.

    Enviromentalism - mainly focuses on how to protect and improve the environment.

    Species - It the basic unit or the last entry of the taxonomy classification. It comprises of organisms that share genetic heritage, can interbreed etc.

    Organisms - Group of organisms together form the species.

    Ecosystem - In a ecosystem biotic or the living beings interact with the abiotic factors and form a system together. These are linked by energy flows.

    Sustainability - It refers to maintaining balance. Using the available resources in such a way that current needs are met without compromising the needs of the future generations.

    Natural Capital - It is the stock of store of natural assets like soil, air, water etc.

    Natural resources - These are the resources obtained from the natural environment and which humans can make use of like natural gas, wind etc.

    Natural services - These are the benefits which human enjoy or get from the ecosystems like forest ecosystem, aquatic ecosystems and provisioning services like drinking water, oil etc.

    Solar Capital - It is the direct and indirect energy from the sun. solar power etc.

    Natural Capital degradation - It is the degradation of natural assets over time.

    Nutrient cycling - It is transformation of matter from one state to another so that it is available for all the different living beings.

    It is important for maintaining the equilibrium of the ecosystem.

    Environmentally sustainable society - It focuses on the well being of current ant future citizens and the environment.

    Natural income - It is the yearly yield or produce from the natural resources like timber, oil, fish etc.
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