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19 April, 11:13

Pain in the epigastric region what organs could be involved

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  1. 19 April, 11:42
    Epigastric pain is felt in the middle of the upper abdomen, just below the ribcage. Occasional epigastric pain is not usually a cause for concern and may be as simple as a stomach ache from eating bad food.

    However following organs could also be causing the epigastric pain:

    1. Stomach

    • Gastritis : Inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Gastritis can be caused by acid reflux, infections, and irritation from certain medications. Some immune system disorders may also cause inflammation.

    • Lactose Intolerance.

    • Overeating.

    • Drinking Alcohol.

    • Hiatal Hernia : due to an accident or weakened diaphragm muscles.

    2. Small Intestine

    Peptic ulcer disease: Lining of the stomach or small intestine has been damaged by a bacterial infection or by taking too much of certain medications, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

    3. Gall bladder

    Gallstones may be blocking the opening of the gallbladder.

    Gallbladder may be inflamed. Other symptoms can include: clay-colored stool, jaundice or yellowing skin, loss of appetite, gas and bloating.

    4. Pregnancy

    It is very common to feel mild epigastric pain during pregnancy. This is commonly caused by acid reflux or pressure on the abdomen from the expanding womb. Changes in hormone levels throughout pregnancy can also aggravate acid reflux and epigastric pain.

    5. Mild stress

    Argument, public speaking, or driving in traffic, also can slow or disrupt the digestive process, causing abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal symptoms.
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