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11 June, 12:27

You assay cell surface oligosaccharides from a blood sample. After determining the composition of the oligosaccharides relative to a reference monosaccharide, fucose, you conclude the donor is blood type B. What brought you to this conclusion?

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  1. 11 June, 12:34
    Here the fucose is linked to galactose by alpha1,2 glycosidic linkage.


    Fucose is a deoxy sugar consist of 6 carbon atoms which means fucose is a hexose sugar.

    Fucose does not contain - OH group at C6 carbon that"s why it is termed as deoxy sugar.

    Fucose can link to both Nactylglucosame by alpha-1,6 glycosidic linkage and to galactose by alpha-1, glycosidic linkage generates the H antigen.

    As donor is blood type B that means fucose is linked to galactoseof H antigen by alpha 1,2glycisidic linkage.
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