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31 January, 00:58

If you were a scientist developing a drug that would block viral replication which steps would you choose to block? Explain your answer in detail?

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  1. 31 January, 01:24
    The step to take is developing antiviral agents that will block all the steps in transcription process or viral replication. These will stop or block production of new RNA or DNA for new virions which will make it difficult for the virus to multiply and cause Infections.

    An example of such drug is aciclovir. This drug stop the production of new DNA or RNA so that viral protein cannot code or gather together. These agents mimick the DNA and RNA so that the virius will not be able to replicate their genetic material through it.


    Blocking viral replication refers to process that hinder or inhibit the multiplication of invading virus in the body. This is done by the use of antiviral agents. These agents fight the invasion and halt virus replication.
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