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5 May, 05:02

What is the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic ... ?

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  1. 5 May, 05:05
    Prokaryotic are the cells that dont have a necleus or other important membranes of a cell and eukaryotic are just normal cells i think
  2. 5 May, 05:15
    the word "prokaryote" refers to a specific structure that prokaryotes do NOT have that eukaryotes DO. "Eu" means "new/true", while "pro" means "before" andthe structure these names refer to is the nucleus. Prokaryotic organisms to not have their DNA enclosed within a nuclear membrane, while eukaryotes do. If you have ever gotten to look at samples of pro - and eukaryotes under a microscope you will have seen the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell, whereas the DNA of a prokaryotic cell is loose in the cytoplasm.
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