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1 August, 07:44

Anyone know the terms to these definitions?

1. forms the pole of the spindle apparatus

2. the membrane that surrounds the nucleus of the cell

3. having chromosomes that occur singly, not in matched sets or pairs

4. matched units of DNA containing genetic information

5. produces daughter cells with fewer chromosomes than the parent cell

6. a system of fibers that go from one end of the cell to the other

7. period of mitosis in which chromosomes move to opposite poles of the cell furrowing

8. method of cytokinesis in animals

9. threadlike substance in nucleus which carries genetic information

10. period when the cell is not engaged in division

Answers (1)
  1. 1 August, 08:45
    1. Centriole

    2. Nuclear Membrane

    3. Haploid

    4. Homologous Chromosomes

    5. Meiosis

    6. Spindle Apparatus

    7. Anaphase

    8. Furrowing

    9. Chromatin

    10. Interphase
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