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12 December, 15:23

a student builds an model of her bedroom. the scale is 1:25 in the scale model, the students bed is 3 inches long how long is her actual bed?

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  1. 12 December, 17:08
    The size of actual bed is 75 inches


    Scale refers to the ratio of the original dimension to the dimension on paper (miniaturised dimension). Since it is a ratio, it has no dimension.

    Scale = original dimension/miniaturised dimension

    Given that scale is 1:25

    It means that every 1 inch on paper would correspond to 25 inches in reality.

    The length of the model bed = 3 inches

    Hence, the length of the original bed is 25*3 = 75 inches

    ∴ Length of the actual bed of the student is 75 inches.
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