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12 October, 07:03

GMU professors in Biology/Medicine area founded companies or are the members of Scientific Advisory Boards of the companies. Finds three Company/Professor pairs and describe the research goals/missions of these companies (any three professors and associated companies except Dr. Baranova and Dr. Chandhoke)

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  1. 12 October, 07:52
    The center of Earth-observing and space research whose director is Peggy Agouris. The prime objective of the company is to collect knowledge regarding space, which surrounds the planet Earth. For the purpose, the organization uses information technology, satellites, earth systems, and computational algorithms.

    MITRE, whose senior vice president for programs and technology is Richard Byme. The company has many federally funded development and research centers and is a non-profit organization. The prime objective of the company is to look after the stability, well being and safety of the country. It deals in the areas of intelligence, defense, healthcare, and cyber-security.

    Eco Capital companies whose founder is Walter Mcleod. The purpose of the company is to offer a clean energy policy for the nation. This company provides chances for the development of global macro products.
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