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30 January, 14:17

Before Mitosis begins, the cell prepares for division by increasing in size and duplicating the DNA.

A. Interphase

B. Prophase

C. Metaphase

D. Anaphase

E. Telophase

F. Cytokinesis

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  1. 30 January, 16:03
    The answer to your question is: A. Interphase


    A. Interphase is a period of growth of the cell before the cell enters in Mitosis.

    B. Prophase in this phase DNA condenses into chromosomes and the nuclear envelope breaks down.

    C. Metaphase Chromosomes align in the equator and microtubules extend from the poles to the equator.

    D. Anaphase Sister chromatids separate a begin to move to the poles.

    E. Telophase A nuclei begin to form in both poles and nuclear envelope forms.

    F. Cytokinesis the mother cell divides and two sister cells are formed.
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