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20 July, 09:34

A student conducts an experiment to see how music affects plant growth. The student obtains four identical plants Each one is polted in the same type of soil and receives the same amount of sunlight and water each day Plant

A listens to classical music for three hours each day Plant B listens to rock music for three hours each day. Plant Clistens to country music for three hours each day. Plant D does not listen to any music at all

2. In the experiment described in the scenario, which group represents the control group?

O A Plant

O B. Plant A

O C. Plant B

OD. Plant

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  1. 20 July, 10:23
    The plant D represents the control group


    In a scientific experiment, a control group can be described as the group in which no changes are made. The experimental groups are the ones in which changes are made and the experimental groups are compared with the control group to study the effects of the changes which occur in the experimental groups.

    In the following scenario, the plant D is the control group as it is not listening to any kind of music. The growth of the other plants will be compared to this plant.
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