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6 June, 03:18

What factors will be important in deciding future use of energy resources?

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  1. 6 June, 03:28
    These are some factors which will important to decide the future use of energy resources, followings:

    Supply. Global market. Import-export. availability of natural resources. Non-reusable resources. Government regulations.


    Supply could play the most important role in the future availability of resources because this factor plays a key role in price fluctuation. The global market is changing day by day and it decides the cost of the availability of resources like oil and gas prices. Import-Export decides the economy of any country the country who are doing more export of its energy resources will make good money. The availability of natural resources like coal, oil, and gas could be the biggest challenge that most big countries are facing today and will be going to face in the future also. Non-reusable resources are less in quantity like gas and oil which only available in a few parts of the world. Government Regulations can affect the demand and supply and it directly affects the use of energy resources in the coming future.
  2. 6 June, 03:29
    1. availableity of the resource

    2. the environmental impact of the resource

    3. the renewability of the resource

    4. the cost of the resource

    5. the amount of energy it can produce and of what kind
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